Horse Riding

Horse Riding

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Cappadocia horse tour starts from our horse farm in Göreme. Suitable horses are selected for the participants who come here.

Participants are shown how to ride a horse. Equestrian training is given.

To start the tour, the horses form a single line and the Cappadocia horse tour begins. In our tour, we first go to Swords Valley. We cross the Valley of Swords on horseback.

Our horse tour continues along the valley with a visit to the Girls Monastery, Rose Valley - Red Valley Panorama area.

Information about Swords Valley and Rose Valley. where we took a horse tour

About Kılıçlar Valley: After passing Görkündere, Zemi Valley and Göreme Open Air Museum, the second part of Göreme, Swords Valley, begins. 15 minutes to the center of Goreme, 7 km to Ortahisar. Starting from the point where Göreme Open Air Museum is located, Swords Valley continues until Çavuşin Town.

Where is Swords Valley? Starting with Göreme Open Air Museum, Swords Valley is one of the most central valleys of Cappadocia. With Göreme Open Air Museum on one side and Rose Valley on the other, the total length of the valley is approximately 3 kilometers. Motor vehicles and automobiles are prohibited from entering certain areas of the Swords Valley. You can visit the entire Swords Valley in Cappadocia with horse tours. 

Swords Valley is one of the most beautiful valleys of Göreme. It is also the valley where balloons take off in Cappadocia. There is a 30 meter long tunnel and fairy chimneys in the valley where the old churches are located. The dovecotes, which are still in use, add a different atmosphere to Swords Valley. While the valley narrows in places, when you follow the sharp rocks that give the valley its name, you reach a small canyon consisting of long and very close walls. Our Cappadocia horse tours are made on the paths between these routes. It takes about 1 hour to tour the entire valley with horses. The historical ruins of the Monastery of Girls in the valley are among the most exciting visiting points of the horse tour. If you want to join longer horse tours, you can extend your horse tour to the 2-hour route consisting of Rose Valley and Red Valleys by meeting with the guides. In the valley, you can come across kiosks selling freshly squeezed pomegranate and orange juice, which have a doping effect, and take a break here. Hot air balloons will accompany you while you watch the beauties of Swords Valley with your horses on our tours at sunrise.

Swords Valley Churches: In addition to the crowded church group in Göreme Open Air Museum, Swords Valley hosts a different group consisting of two churches. These churches are the Swords Church and the Virgin Mary Church, which bear the same name as the valley.

Information About Rose Valley: Rose Valley is a canyon located in the east of Swords Valley. Swords Valley is located at the top of the valley. A small stream flows through the Rose canyon and is covered with lush trees. There are tunnels and caves in the valley where horses pass. Rose Valley is also a historical settlement. There are settlements and churches dating from the 6th century in the valley. The most important churches in the Rose Valley are Colon Church and Crusader Church.

* On our Cappadocia horse tours, we go up to the Güllü Valley 1 entrance area. You can choose the private tour option or join a 3-hour tour to tour the entire Güllü Valley with horses.

The horses we use: The horses we use in Cappadocia horse tours are of Arab and Turkish origin. These horses are specially trained for horse tours. Experienced against ATV and vehicle sounds, balloon sounds. They are also quite adept at navigating routes in Cappadocia conditions.

Riding Horses in the Cappadocia Valleys: We do not allow the horses to gallop on our horseback tours. This is because the Cappadocia tour routes are very narrow. Roads are always winding and there are always ups and downs. There is no required distance for the horse to stop while running. And there is always a risk that motor vehicles, people, and other traveling horses will get in the way of the horse. For this reason, Cappadocia valleys are not suitable for horse gallop. Experienced riders can canter at certain parts of the valleys as a private tour.


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