Antalya Nashira

Our Hotel located by the sea on Side Sorgun titreyengöl tourismcenter. Coastal band has a special beach and operates with all inclusiveconcept in an island Surrounded by sea, lake, river and peanuts forests. Thisis one of the unique destinations in the world and has a natural coolness dueto its micro-climate characteristic. It is called ‘’RURAL PARADAISE’’. Visitedby 121 species of birds from 18 countries, it is a Caretta- Caretta spawningarea. This forestall area harbors various species of plants and wildlife aswell. We are an environmentally-friendly hotel dedicated to protecting thesehabitats.

The meaning of the Word ‘’ NASHIRA’’ is the ‘’ NOTHERN STAR’’which provides guidance, which brings luck and good news, which does not changeits location in the universe, which sheds ample lights, which can’t be madeinvisible by other satellites. Also, its first syllable ‘’ NAS ‘’ is the nameof a chapter of the Koran and ‘’ HIRA’’ is the name of the mountain on theArabian peninsula. Legend says that Our prophet lived in seclusion to completehis spiritual ascent and he found peace by going there in his distressful days.And moreover, Jesus Christ was born in Nashira Region.


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